Surviving the Holidays Event hosted by Pastor Patrick

Thursday, November 9th from 10-12pm
Sunday, November 5th from 3-5pm

The holiday season is approaching. This might be the first holiday after your loved one's death, or maybe it's the second, third, or beyond. You are going to be facing some tough emotions. You can lessen the impact by knowing what to expect and being prepared.

At this two-hour seminar, you’ll view a video featuring advice from people in grief who’ve faced the holidays after their loss. You’ll hear insights from respected Christian counselors, pastors, and psychologists. You’ll receive a Holiday Survival Guide with practical strategies, encouraging words, helpful exercises, Q/As, and journaling ideas for daily survival through the holiday season.
At GriefShare Surviving the Holidays, you’ll meet with other grieving people who have an understanding of what you’re going through. They won’t judge you or force you to share, but will accept you where you are and will offer comfort and support. “When I went to GriefShare,” said Marion, “I realized there are different ways to grieve.”
Your holiday season won’t be easy; your emotions may ambush you and suck you under at times. But you can choose to walk through this season in a way that honors your loved one and puts you on the path of health and healing.

Our Surviving the Holidays seminar is especially for people who are grieving a loved one’s death. You’ll learn:
How to deal with the many emotions you’ll face during the holidays
What to do about traditions and other coming changes
Helpful tips for surviving social events
How to discover hope for your future

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